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Recollection Room

Recollection Room is intended to embody the processes of memory. The design is based on the natural growth of memories and the compartmentalization of the mind.  Inside, the sculpture provides a space for reflection.

Recollection Room is made of steel, wood, and bronze. The 1,000 steel hexagons each contain a hexagonal prism of cedar, and each hexagonal module is pinned to its neighbor with bronze rods.  The sculpture is supported by three curved steel legs.

Space for Space

Space for Space is a sculpture designed to envelop the viewer in an abstracted cosmic world.  The exterior of the sculpture mimics growth of vines to form a structural shell.  The interior of the sculpture displays a spiraling view of stars and nebulae.  The sculpture is a collaboration with Leila Bateman.

Space for Space is a 14 foot tall scultpure made from poplar, steel and ink.  The base of the sculpture is made of 5/8" steel plate.  The exterior vine structure is made from steel rod.  The wooden shell is made from poplar blocks bricked together, and the interior is drawn, carved, and inked.

Funnel Vision

Funnel Vision is made of steel, wood, stainless steel, and concrete.  It consists of 2500 wood blocks and 400 metal facets.  The two cones are supported by the interior arc, which also functions as a seat.

Funnel Vision is an installation based on viewpoints, thresholds, and pathways.  As an interactive scultpure, Funnel Vision allows the viewer to be surrounded by the conical shapes, limiting and directing the field of view.  As the viewer sits inside the sculpture, the planes of the balancing cones engulph the visual space.

Studio Door

Studio door is a decoratively patterned door, made to fit an existing workspace.  The door panels are made of CNC milled Douglas Fur, and the hinges are made of steel.


Discovery is a sculpture that invites the viewer to peer through its hexagonal, reflective channels and catch a glimpse of a small moment in space. The sculpture is made of wood, foil, and steel.  Discovery is collaboration with Leila Bateman.

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